Proof of Delivery Solutions

Our Proof of Delivery Mobile Application is an all-in-one mobile solution for effective and efficient real-time driver performance monitoring and delivery confirmation. Our paperless delivery system works as a route planning software for arranging multi drop deliveries with ease.


Some of the features of the App include GPS vehicle tracking, instant notification, signature capture, photographs and electronic proof of delivery. Dispatchers, field transport officers, freight management teams, and business owners no longer need to use obsolete GPS tracking or make frequent phone calls to confirm the status or location of freight and driver. Mobile phones can now be used to effectively organize, coordinate, and monitor all aspects of delivery tracking and dispatch management in a very convenient and efficient way. All drivers, couriers, field staff, and carriers, can now receive instant deliveries and collections at any location through our app and provide instant digital delivery notes with customer signature (electronic proof of delivery) and performance reports.

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Key features and benefits specific to selected industry


Mobile All-in-One Solution

  • Our POD is a compact but powerful mobile solution. Your smartphone is the only major tool you will need for effective delivery service monitoring. Therefore, bulky equipment for tracking, scanning or navigation is no longer needed. This solution is user friendly and it can easily be used by all your drivers and field staff.


Real-time Delivery

  • The real-time delivery status of an order or freight can be tracked. And POD helps you to do this very efficiently. You will always be aware of the exact status of any order or the location of freight at any point in time. All important details about any order or delivery will be communicated instantly to your office online.


Eliminate Paperwork

  • POD helps you to reduce or completely eliminate unnecessary documentation. Drivers can take off from almost any location. Couriers can receive your orders at various locations and process them without any need for paperwork. And all necessary documentation can be done via the mobile application


Detailed Analytics and Reports

  • This solution has a unique dashboard. It provides important metrics and vital data along with detailed analysis on the order, transportation, and delivery of your goods or service delivery. POD offers real time reporting tools to help you monitor business performance with ease.

Cut Down on Phone Bills

  • The two-way communication feature in the mobile application eliminates the need for expensive phone calls. Communication between you and your drivers or couriers can now be done faster, and at a lower cost. Costly text messages and phone calls will no longer be needed.


Complex Route Planning

  • POD is an excellent logistics planning tool. You can use it to perform very complex route planning with several departure and arrival locations. Every route that needs to be followed by a driver, courier or field staff will be displayed on the screen of their smartphones.


Proof of Delivery

  • Enjoy comprehensive delivery management and real time tracking. You can receive instant automatic delivery status notification. The application captures signatures, acceptance of cash, partial deliveries and rejection of items with reasons for rejection.


Visual Communication

  • Receive instant updates on any delivery issue with photos that provide additional evidence of delivery can be taken and sent through the mobile application. This provides instant updates on all delivery issues. The photos provided can be synchronized easily with the related documents on the back office computer.

Free to Download and Start

  • No initial payments are required. Simply download the application from the app store, register and start using POD. Enjoy a fast return on investment when you start using all the powerful features in the full package. Manage, control, analyze and improve your service anywhere.

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